The Group


Principal Investigator

Christina M. Payne

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Vanderbilt University – 2007
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Tennessee Technological University – 2002

Research interests:
Molecular modeling, enzyme structure-function relationships, free energy methods, molecular thermodynamics, lignocellulosic biomass conversion, chemical process technology


Curriculum vitae

Graduate Researchers

Japheth Gado

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria – 2014

Molecular simulation of glycoside hydrolase processivity



Landon Mills

B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Kentucky – 2014 

Experimental characterization of desulfinase structure and activity





Postdoctoral Researcher

Inacrist Geronimo

Graduate Students

Suvamay Jana - Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 2017 (Quantumzyme)

Abhishek A. Kognole - Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 2017 (Postdoc, University of Maryland, Baltimore)

Yue Yu - Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 2017 (Postdoc, University of California, Merced)


Undergraduate Researchers

Nolan Anderson - B. S. Chemical Engineering 2017 (Currently a PhD student at UC Santa Barbara)

Robert Brooks - B.S. Chemical Engineering 2017

Codell Gibson - B.S. Chemical Engineering 2016

Dylan Gilley - B. S. Chemical Engineering 2017

Tyler Karnes - B.S. Chemical Engineering 2015 (Recipient of the John Walker Biology and Engineering Undergraduate Research Award)

Shawn Nigam - B.S. Chemistry and Biology 2017

Damarcus Smiley - B.S. Chemical Engineering 2018

Devin Wren - B.S. Chemical Engineering 2017


Visiting Scholars

Ingvild Isaksen - Continuing PhD research with Åsmund Røhr at Norwegian University of Life Sciences

István Tamás - Continuing PhD research with Beáta Lontay at University of Debrecen, Hungary